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Jesse Krieger

Jesse Krieger - Founder and Publisher of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press is the entrepreneurial author's secret weapon. Our mission is to help authors become entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs become best-selling authors.

Founded by international best-selling author Jesse Krieger, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press has an unbroken string of best-selling book launches. Our process starts with your nearly-finished manuscript, which we turn into a beautiful publish-ready book and launch up the best-seller charts. But it doesn't stop there, our most valuable work is in helping you use your book as a business development tool so you can build a thriving book-based business and brand.

Our primary focus is on business and entrepreneurship, personal development and success psychology books, however we never rule out an driven, entrepreneurial author with another focus. If you are ready to become a published author and build a thriving business with your book then Let's Talk.

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