Daniel MunroThanks to Jesse I am now officially a bestselling author. After years of trying to publish my book The Legendary Life by myself, Jesse saved me! His Bestseller Campaign Blueprint is the real deal, unlike most of the author resources out there.


Jesse took me through each individual step, from getting the book publish-ready and looking great, through to building up sales funnels, advertising and launching. He provided specific detail and support along the way, so it was a guaranteed home run. I've seen him repeat this with EVERY single author he has supported! No one else has that kind of success rate.


If you're an author and want to get your message out there, look no further. I will personally guarantee you hit bestseller status if you enroll with Jesse and follow his teachings

Daniel Munro, Author, The Legendary Life

michael-atma-meditation-teacherI came across Jesse and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press at a time when I was floundering with the best way to publish and promote a book I had just finished writing. From the moment I started working with Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press I knew I had made the right decision. Not only did we achieve the #1 best selling book and hottest new release in three separate categories in Amazon, but Jesse managed to make this happen as part of a pre-launch before the book was even available for sale. Then, after the book was published, it continued to dominate the same three categories and bring in an avalanche of sales.


To say that I am super impressed by the result that Jesse and his publishing company achieved is an understatement - I am blown away by it. In the back of my mind I had hoped to use this launch to start up a new business using my book as the inspiration for it. Now that dream is turning into a reality as Jesse helped me to use the book to build a list of leads to get the business rolling.


The best part of all is that this is just the beginning. Not only has Jesse helped to turn me into a #1 best selling author, he has helped to give me a framework around building a business and lifestyle from it. I plan to keep working with Jesse and rolling out a string of books over time through Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press for many years to come as well as continue to grow a budding friendship with someone who I consider walks their talk and is a great role model for anyone wanting to use publishing as a springboard to success in business and life. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me next!

Michael Atma, Author, Master Your Mindspace

Carol LinWhen I first met Jesse, I can immediately feel the charisma in him. Along the way helping him to get his first book published, we exchanged fruitful ideas which eventually led to us working on co-authoring a book!


Jesse is passionate about what he is doing, helping others to turn their passions into revenue-generating businesses. While he is enjoying the awesomeness of being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur himself, he is happy to see people around him achieving success doing what they love too.


Due to the encouragement and support from Jesse, I'm now on my way of realizing my dreams doing what I love!

If you're looking for someone with great business (and many other areas) ideas, Jesse is the man I strongly recommended!

Carol Lin, Editor, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Reba LinkerFrom the first moment I saw a video of Jesse Krieger outlining the material in his Bestseller Campaign Blueprint course, I saw how much he cares about his clients, and how much material he delivers – so much so that after just listening to the introductory video I turned my book, Follow the Yarn, into a Kindle bestseller!


When I took the course, I learned more valuable information at every class, given with openness, respect and exceptional generosity. I consider that each tip that I used was worth the cost of the course. I am very pleased to be working with him now as a coach, to guide me through launch campaign strategies for my new books, Imagine Self-Love, and Happiness is a Habit. Working with Jesse is an invaluable resource to authors who wish to bring their books to a high level of success and visibility

Reba Linker, Author