Strength From Within

Here’s the deal…

You’re making things more complicated than they need to be. If you want to get stronger, feel healthy, and look amazing you don’t need to waste time in the gym or money on supplements.

Stop with the excuses!

You can train anywhere, no more blaming work commitments or bad genetics… You don’t need a gym full of weights or the workout of a steroid taking bodybuilder to build an incredible physique.

You’re only “confusing” yourself, not your muscles, by changing up your exercises. Muscle follows strength. If you’re getting stronger you don’t need to spend hours upon hours grinding away with endless sets and reps.

You can have ripped six-pack abs without doing any cardio and still enjoy “cheat” foods with flexible dieting. “Clean eating” is a myth, and believing it will keep you from ever achieving the look of a lean muscular athlete. Get your social life back and still shed excess belly fat.

This book reveals the exact steps to build strong, lean muscle and strip fat without ever feeling like you’re on a diet.

You’ve been lied to, and this book will dispel harmful fairytales the fitness industry wants you to believe that keep you skinny-fat, weak and spending money on pills, potions, and powders. You’ll never achieve the ripped “Hollywood Physique” that most people only dream of believing their lies.

You’ll get an all-in-one training system that will develop a powerful chest… a broad tapered back… diamond-cut abs, and athletic thighs… Using only your bodyweight in just a few hours per week. Inside is a routine that you’ll look forward to doing and will get you results far superior to your current weight-training regimen.

You’ll save thousands of dollars by eliminating bro-science and industry marketing propaganda.

You’ll take full responsibility for where you are on your fitness level, and get the mindset required to stay motivated for the journey to excellence.

You’ll learn the little tips and tricks that actually work, making your training efforts all the more effective. You’ll get to indulge in your favorite foods, and learn how to increase the value of “junk foods” like pizza and ice cream.

Imagine what you could look like a few months from now if you removed 10-15 pounds of unsightly fat and replaced it with an equal amount of muscle… How many people would compliment you or ask you how you did it?

Imagine having limitless energy, having more time in the day, and doing more of what you love to do… Fitness should contribute to the quality of your life, not be the focus of it. Are you growing or are you going down hill? Change is inevitable, progress is a personal choice.

The bottom line is this: YOU CAN build the body of a Greek God without dedicating your life to the gym. If you’re not getting the results you deserve following your current plan, consider trying something completely different.

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