Hope you had a great weekend!

I just got back from Atlanta, where I had the honor of speaking to over 100 female entrepreneurs at the Launch Your Business Live event. This was the largest audience I’ve spoken to thus far and it was a total rush, not to mention great for business…I closed over $10,000 of new sales into my signature author training program Bestseller Campaign Blueprint.

Here I’m going to give you a behind the scenes view into how this opportunity came about and how I took full advantage of it.

The organizer, Rosetta Thurman, who is an absolute superstar by the way, just happened to have gone through Bestseller Campaign Blueprint when I originally launched it last November.

After the program ended we talked and she told me about her book Launch Your Business, it quickly became clear to me that she is a perfect fit for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press. She travels the world, runs her business remotely and has a passionate community that followers and supports her.

So I offered her a publishing deal. And in that conversation she mentioned her upcoming event and asked if I wanted to be a speaker. Um, YES please! 

After a short but power-packed discussion I committed to getting her book published, printed and launched in time for the event, which was less than one month away. No easy task, but I knew that if I could give a talk on best-seller launches with her book ON the best-seller charts that it would be the perfect backdrop for my talk.

So I got to work.

Although it came down to the wire (the books were delivered to Atlanta one day before the event started) we got it done, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then as the event was kicking off I started some promotions on her book in between networking with the attendees and rocking my dance moves at the ’80s dance party that took place on night one.

Despite a little last minute rushing around, it all came together in the nick of time; As I took the stage and started my talk I had the audio-visual team pull up Amazon and show Rosetta’s. I had them click refresh to show that it was live and not a slide…and Boom her book was #1 Start a Business book on Amazon as I began my talk on how to launch a best-seller.

Nothing sells like success. And this is the same strategy I used on the Superhero Summit to become the #1 selling presenter. Showing the proof, then describing the process.

The audience loved it!

It’s common for speakers to fly in, do their talk, and fly out. But I made a point of staying the whole weekend, plus an extra day so I could relax, debrief the event and explore Atlanta before flying back to Vegas.

My main takeaway is: I LOVE speaking on stage 🙂

I’ll be pursuing many more opportunities to share my message and strategies with audiences around the country and globe. So if you know of an event I should speak at, hit “reply” or leave a comment on the blog.

Keep an eye on Rosetta and Launch Your Business, the official release date is Tuesday, May 12.

If you have a book in you that’s dying to come out, or have a book that’s done and you want to run up the charts, hit “reply” and tell me about it. If I think it’s a good fit, we’ll jump on a call (no charge) and talk through the possibilities.

To your success,