Published Date: February 27, 2018

By: Dale Halaway

About the Book:

Being Called to Change is the first book in The Transformation Trilogy. This book will help you understand the nature of change, how to recognize when it’s knocking on your door, and how to embrace change in your life.

To help you embrace change effectively, with minimal stress, Being Called to Change lays the groundwork for making massive changes—changes that stick!

Dale’s teachings show you how to relax more, how to calm down more, and how to let go of the idea that you need to be in control of everything going on in your life. Being Called to Change empowers you to make lasting changes from a place of grounded clarity and understanding

Being Called to Change will help you to unlock the power within you and to make positive, beneficial changes in your life, business, and relationships—all while reducing the stress you experience in your day-to-day life. Are you ready? It’s time to change!

Answer The Call To Change

Author Bio:

Dale is dedicated to the path of spiritual growth and personal empowerment. In 1992, he left a lucrative career in professional speaking and business consulting to embark on a journey of self-discovery. During his personal transformation, he discovered valuable insights about our unlimited human potential for creativity, productivity, abundance, and joy.

In the years following his shift of consciousness, he integrated these insights into transformational seminar programs which he presented to acclaim in public appearances. In 2011, on the brink of major change, Dale took a teaching sabbatical for almost five years and began an even deeper journey of Spiritual Questing and Transformational Healing. Having integrated his discoveries and experiences into his newest teachings, Dale returns once again to the public arena. The wisdom Dale outlines in Being Called to Change is certain to create major transformation in the collective consciousness of humanity.

The clarity and power of Dale’s teachings are destined to inspire and empower individuals in their own spiritual awakening and to facilitate the conscious evolution of humanity on our precious planet.


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March 31, 2019