Living With Grace

Are you looking for more Grace in your life?
Grace as a word is familiar, but do we really know what grace is and what it takes not only to achieve it but recognize it, in ourselves and others? 
Living with Grace is a story of how I found Grace through a cat named Grace. Indeed Grace found Grace through her struggle with fear, trust, love, illness and ultimately death. 
Join us on the journey of discovery where we both found not only grace but ourselves at the deepest core. This is available for you, too. 
Shadow us as the story of trauma, trust, forgiveness and letting go unfolds through the evolutionary stages in the Journey toward Grace
Learn about The Tapestry and how everyone you meet brings you a thread to weave into your own private Tapestry ― and you theirs. 
Meet Grace. Meet her right where you are in this moment.

Author Bio

Marita Rahlenbeck learned early on she was far too independent and creative to be joyfully employable. She has been serving others over 20 years, helping clients and students realize their own Authentic Truth and value, instilling the importance of self care and nourishment all so they may find a true, strong sense of Confidence and Balance which in turn means more Joy and Happiness. Now, as a lifelong entrepreneur, Marita introduces her first book, Living with Grace. Writing this book greatly changed her at her core; it is her hope it will change you, too.


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August 2, 2019

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