The Awakened Being

Are You Ready to Live in Liberation, Abundance & Bliss Right Now?

By delving deep into her unconscious programing, Marci Lock discovered how to go from broken to bliss. In The Awakened Being you will learn how to unlock your true, authentic self!

Growing up impoverished and molded by her strict religious upbringing, Marci believed struggle and sacrifice were her “normal” and that life wouldn’t get any better. She watched family members and friends experience sickness and death and internalized a mistrust of her body, bringing about dangerous consequences; her fear of the outside world manifested danger in the form of stalking and kidnapping attempts; and, afraid of judgment and rejection, she never felt safe to express her opinions or her feelings.

Marci, believing that she was destined to be little more than a wife and mother, was married by the age of 21 and had two children. Shortly after, she discovered that her husband had been having an affair, and she made a choice to become a single mother, working for $2 an hour as a waitress.

This big step was the first of many that Marci took to change her life—despite her deeply ingrained stories and perceptions. Marci realized that change was easier than she thought possible. With a little investment in herself and inspiration from mentors, Marci made the conscious decision to reshape her reality. Now she teaches countless others to do the same—to live in in flow, abundance, love, joy, passion, and supra-consciousness to continually expand into an even greater experience and result.

In The Awakened Being, Marci outlines The Five Shifts to Freedom, a step-by-step process to reprogram one’s life from the inside out. Marci teaches readers how to:

  • Identify negative feelings and their physiological associations
  • Pinpoint the reason why these feelings are surfacing
  • Identify what you really want in the context of any negative situation
  • Replace the maladaptive feelings with ones that are empowering and conducive to bliss and joy, and
  • Take aligned action based upon these new empowering beliefs

If you are tired of feeling trapped in your old stories, perceptions, and parameters and want to become the conscious creator of your future, The Awakened Being will guide you to liberation. The simple tools, poignant personal stories, real-life examples, and exercises in this book will help any reader who wants to restructure their life. With a little curiosity and faith, you can go from broken to bliss.

Author Bio:

Marci Lock Mentor, also known as, Sundari, The Alchemist of Light and Liberation, is a Global Change Agent for rapid transformation. She guides us beyond the surface-level education of thought leaders and reveals the truth of transformation to exist in heart consciousness as a Feel Leader, activating Divine Remembrance, Liberation, Abundance, and Wholeness Codes for all of humankind. Her genius is taking you past information and teaching you how to integrate it into your daily life to create the change. It isn’t education that changes your life; it’s embodiment.


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December 14, 2019

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