The Whole Method

Quiet the Noise, Blaze Your Own Trail, and Expand Into Your True Potential

What you are seeking for been waiting patiently for you to find it. Satisfaction and fulfillment are not destinations on a map, they can only be found by going within. The Whole Method guides you back into the deepest recesses of your self, lighting the way to remember who you really are and unlocking your infinite potential.

Becoming whole means diverging from the pathways others have tread before you, reconnecting with your internal compass and blazing your own uniquely magnificent trail. Gorging yourself on information and filling your mind with the recommendations of others does not actually give you new insights or answers. Instead, quiet the external noise and listen to the wisdom of your soul. Softly speaking words of love into your life, the wisdom of your soul will guide you home.

The Whole Method shows you how to tap the bottomless well of your inner wisdom and unleash a torrent of inspiration. As the floodgates open and your spirit comes alive, marvel in the magic of realizing your full potential.

Author Bio

Rhonda Smith “Cosmicsmith” – Kambo Practitioner, Shadow Integration/Relationship Coach, Podcaster, Speaker and medicine women. A challenging life is a symptom of trauma. The trauma must be felt for healing to occur. The only way out is through. Her journey is one of great self betrayal. Her greatest medicine has been learning to be herself and to bravely walk the unique path of that she have been given. This path is one of incredible Truth and Great Mystery. Her mission is to support people as they remember who they are and tap into the power and truth within. Rhonda’s mission and her voice is to share her unique way and radical paths to alternative healing, acceptance and wholeness. The time is now to remember who we have always been. It is time to walk in our truth.


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August 2, 2019

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