A Beautiful Evolution

My book is made up from My Journals. The 16 year old teen in ME that is feeling
Depression, the 30 year old PTSD mother in ME that is in A Mental Health Care
Hospital who relives Flashbacks as a 6 year old who has just been sexually
traumatized. I realize that by Suppressing my memory and emotional pain I was
unable to help my future or children, being able to be open and talk about the bad
memories allowed me to reconnect with people. When I am in service of others I am
fully serving my purpose and serving myself. In turn I have found an abundance
from A Source that enables me to help others. Connecting with people on a

Meaningful emotional level is the Meaning of Life

I hope my book provides you with Hope in humanity and in yourself. By supporting
my book, you will be giving back to local Las Vegas foundations that provide
support to children, mothers and women in need.

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