Wishing you a Happy Friday and kicking off something that I may make a weekly affair depending on how this goes: Free Book Friday!
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Today you can win a free audiobook edition of INSIDE: A Guide to the Resources Within to Stay Connected to Your Truth, Even in Trying Times by Sarah Brassard.

What I’d like to know is: What is your self-care regimen look like? 
Share what you do to prioritize self-care in your life and I’ll be choosing 5 people to gift a complimentary copy of the INSIDE audiobook.

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I always make self-care a priority as it is too easy to get burned out, lose motivation and not be at 100% if I don’t.
Here’s what my daily and weekly self-care regimen looks like in an ideal week:

Each Morning:
Upon waking up the first thing I do is go outside, stretch and do a 10-minute yoga sequence barefoot on my grass lawn. I’ve been doing this every morning for close to 15 years and have found that doing yoga barefoot on grass is – quite literally – a grounding experience. 

Then I’ll have a black coffee and write, whether that’s an email like this or writing a chapter for my next book (The Art of Creation).

After yoga, coffee and writing I’ll hit the gym and do 30-45 minutes of exercise, switching between weights and cardio each day. Then I’ll hit the sauna and sweat for 10-15 minutes and take a cold shower (what a way to wake up!)

I’m usually done with all this and headed home by 9:30am, where I’ll have a protein shake and prepare to dive into the day’s activities.

I’ve found that having this morning sequence dialed-in helps me stay consistent and I don’t spend much time thinking about what I should do, I just get up and start going through the motions.

Weekly Self-Care: 

Ideally once per week I’ll do a candlelight yin yoga class in the evening. Yin yoga is all about long, slow holds of poses and quieting the mind while relaxing and restoring the nervous system. 

Once every one or two weeks I’ll get a Chinese-style massage, the kind where you soak your feet in water and they massage your face and head as well as feet and body.

On the weekends I’ll take a hike or do an outdoor activity – if I’m in Vegas, then I go out to the open desert, if I’m traveling then I find somewhere to explore outdoors.

Any week where I do 80% of those things tends to be a highly productive, enjoyable and balanced week.

For me self-care is more about having a practice and mostly sticking to it, then creating any new source of stress by expecting I’ll do everything, every week and then feeling bad about missing something.

So, what is your self-care regimen? How do you balance the activities, stresses and expectations of life with time to relax and restore?

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